About Us


Understanding the Company and the Value We Contribute to Your Project


Our Aspirations 

To be one of the top Quantity Surveying and Construction Cost Consultancy Firm in the country catering to clients both in the Philippines and abroad


To change the Quantity Surveying Landscape by educating our clients, clients’ consultants and clients’ contractors on the relevance of this profession to construction projects since not everyone understands what Quantity Surveying is all about and its benefits


To maintain an organization of passionate Quantity Surveyors and provide them an environment that promotes personal growth



Construction Consultancy with a Purpose 

GrenRaion gives importance to the value we provide to our clients – At GrenRaion, we aim to educate our clients on practical spending on their dream project. We will protect our clients by taking into account every single centavo spent on building their dream project as we understand that their money is hard-earned and we want to help them have peace of mind. 


GrenRaion treats quality as a top priority – We are composed of professionals who have a perfect understanding of Quantity Surveying Discipline. We can guide you in the cost and contractual aspect of your project.


Core Values

Fundamental Beliefs, Attitude and Character of the Our Company 


  • We do business with integrity

Attention to Details

  • We do our work diligently
  • We are committed to deliver an accurate out-put 


  • We are committed to timely submissions 
  • We are passionate in what we do
  • We have “Malasakit” to our Clients (A Filipino term that has no equivalent word to any language which means an act to care for someone’s welfare)


  • We are willing to share our expertise to increase awareness of our Clients 
  • We learn our Clients’ requirements by heart


  • We are protective and we look after our Clients’ exposure to risks 


  • We always strive for excellence by keeping in mind that the Quantity Surveying profession is a never-ending learning process

Why Hire Us? 

Let Our Expertise Help You Build Your Dream Project

  • The working experience of our key people ranges from 6 to 16 years. 
  • Our Company Key Members hold Degree in Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BScCE) and Master of Science in Quantity Surveying (MScSurv) 
  • We are members of Philippine Institute of Certified Quantity Surveyors (PICQS)


meeting by consultant and client